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Cards Against Muggles Age Level: Ages 17+ , Physical Printed Cards This is the FULL PACK containing 1356 good quality cards (987 white cards and 369 black cards), allowing for maximum replayability.

Cards Against Muggles is a party game for horrible people
This game is a must for all Harry Potter fans with an evil sense of humour. Its guaranteed to bring hours of laughs!

The basis of the game is simple, you deal out about 7-10 white answer cards to each player, 1 person draws a black answer card and reads it out for everyone to fill in the blanks. Everyone except the question master submit their answers to the centre, trying to make the most ridiculous, rude, funny, crazy answer they can. the question master reads out that question and fills in the blanks with the answers and selects the best answer. That best answer wins the black question card and ultimately counts as a point towards the end of the game. To be honest no one cares on the points as its such a funny game to play with a group of friends even non Harry Potter fans will enjoy this game.


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