GanjaLand – an Epic Weed Adventure!


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Get ready for an epic weed adventure with Ganjaland! The weed-themed board game from What Do You Meme™ and Lightly Toasted, in which players explore a magical place of fun, adventure, friendship and ganja of course.

Blaze up and bring the squad together for the royal reefer race of the century — bet you can’t say that ten times fast while stoned. Playing is simple, just pull a card from the deck, follow the card instructions, then move your character piece accordingly.

Adults only: This game is intended for ages 21+ because ganja is for grownups 🙂 Always toke responsibly (and legally).

Whats Inside

Each Ganjaland game contains 8-character pieces, a beautiful large illustrated game board, 157 playing cards, a note pad with 2 pencils, an instruction manual, a cannabis crown and 5 photo props.

How to Play

Everyone smokes, passing to the left (in the Ganjaland tradition). Once the circle is complete, use the same order to take turns in the game.

Pull a card from the deck and follow the card instructions, then move your character piece accordingly. Who will be crowned the royal highness of Ganjaland? The first player to land on the bud brick entrance to Cannabis Castle gets bragging rights and gets to wear the cannabis crown. (yes there is a crown included).

In Ganjaland, all movements (forward, backward or other) are based on the cards. With over 150 cards and several different types, there’s tons of adventure to be had. See instructions for a full breakdown of each card type.


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